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Code and name of the Airport

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Aerodrome geographical data

ARP coordinates (WGS 84) and site at AD444909.78N 0201825.44E 122° GEO / 1500 m from THR 12
Direction and distance from city275° GEO, 12 km from main railway station in Beograd
ELEV / Reference temperature102 m / 27°C (August)
MAG VAR / Annual change3°E (2005) / + 5.2'
Types of traffic permittedIFR/VFR
Time referenceSummer (March-September) UTC+2h

Winter (October-February) UTC+1h

Airport operational hours05:00 - 23:00 LT

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Area near Surčin, 18 kilometers westward from Belgrade is selected for the location of the new international airport.

The airport was opened for traffic on April 28, 1962 with single runway 3000 m long, taxiway 3350 m long, passenger terminal building, control tower, large apron for handling of aircraft and other contemporary equipment.
Later on a new passenger terminal (Terminal 2) has been built, apron extended, runway prolonged and in 1997 equipment for CAT II built in, enabling operation of the Airport in low visibility conditions.

In July 2005 six contemporary telescopic passenger boarding bridges were introduced, in May 2006 reconstructed international Terminal 2 was put into operation and since November 2008 Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport can be used in full capacity in conditions of extremely low visibility due to ILS CAT IIIb equipment and procedures which was for the first time in history of Belgrade Airport used on January 4, 2009.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is a hub for flag carrier Air Serbia, charter carrier Aviogenex so as for Wizz Air, Government Air Service, Air Pink, Prince Aviation and others.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport accommodates technical maintenance company Jat Technics Ltd and technical maintenance of Aviogenex, operational departments of Air Serbia, Air Traffic Control and Customs Authority, Air Museum, Air Serbia and SMATSA Training Centers, Helicopter Unit of the MoI, etc.


Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 601 VIENNA 11:10 23:00 New time 
PC 1903 ISTANBUL SABIHA 15:35 15:08 New time 
JU 123 SOFIA 15:55 15:55  
JU 143 DUBROVNIK 16:00 16:00  
JU 103 BANJALUKA 16:05 16:05  
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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
LH 1407 FRANKFURT 13:35 14:45 Boarding 
LX 1417 ZURICH 14:40 14:40 Boarding 
OS 774 VIENNA 15:10 15:10 Boarding 
QR 246 DOHA 15:10 15:10  
PC 1904 ISTANBUL SABIHA 16:15 16:15  
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Airport weather

Temp Pressure Wind
16°C 1016mB 7.2m/s