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Airport Services

Airport Services

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is registered for:

  • Ground handling of aircraft, passengers, goods and mail in domestic and international traffic;
  • Maintenance of runway, maneuvering areas, aprons and stands, equipment and installations enabling aviation activities;
  • Rent of advertising space and exhibiting of advertising material, representation of foreign companies,
  • Forwarding activities,
  • Maintenance of airport and utility and power infrastructure;
  • Market research, designing and engineering;
  • Cargo warehouse management, storage and handling of goods;
  • Joint use of equipment and installations;
  • Rent of motor and other vehicles and machines;
  • Transport, cleaning and removal of garbage;
  • Land renting;
  • Airport Security Service etc.


Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 553 ISTANBUL SABIHA 17:15 20:14 Landed 
JU 185 TIVAT 20:20 20:10 Landed 
JU 813 TEL AVIV 21:25 21:05 New time 
JU 195 LJUBLJANA 22:00 22:00  
JU 331 FRANKFURT 22:00 20:45 New information 
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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 544 MILAN 18:15 20:05  
LX 1419 ZURICH 20:00 20:10 Boarding 
TK 1084 ISTANBUL 20:20 20:20 Boarding 
JU 656 MOSCOW 23:40 23:40  
JU 800 ABU DHABI 23:55 23:55  
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Airport weather

Temp Pressure Wind
7°C 1016mB 3.09m/s