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Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Lounges meet all international criteria. They are luxurious, functional, technically well equipped, suitable for press conferences, promotions, presentations and can be rented to companies and interested parties.

VIP Lounge

VIP Lounge

  • Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport VIP Lounge is overlooking the apron C and occupies the area of 550 square meters
  • The Lounge is divided into three units which can be joined if required
  • Each VIP Lounge unit has its own exit to apron
  • The first unit is planned for press conferences and media meetings
  • The second unit is intended for short breaks and cocktail parties.
  • The third and probably the most luxurious unit includes the presidential suite with meeting room
  • Each VIP Lounge unit has TV screen and public-address system
  • The VIP Lounge is entered directly from the Belgrade Airport apron and therefore the passport, customs and luggage control are located at its entrance. This way the VIP Lounge works as a separate and independent unit
  • A waiting room for the press is completely separated and independent VIP Lounge unit with TV screen enabling the press to follow the events in the conference room
  • Price list with rental fees is available on request
More pictures of VIP lounge can be seen in photo gallery.


Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
RO 211 BUCHAREST 08:45 08:29 Landed 
LX 1412 ZURICH 08:55 09:05  
YM 200 TIVAT 09:00 09:10  
JU 5955 MYTILENE 09:25 09:13  
JU 5227 RHODES 10:20 10:20  
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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 180 TIVAT 08:25 08:28 Airborne 
FHY 712 ANTALYA 08:40 08:41 Airborne 
YM 101 PODGORICA 08:50 08:55 Airborne 
TK 1082 ISTANBUL 08:55 08:55  
RO 212 BUCHAREST 09:15 09:15 Boarding 
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Airport weather

Temp Pressure Wind
17°C 1010mB 1.54m/s