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Training Center

Training Center was established in the early 1980s and was highly specialized for training of ramp, passenger and cargo handling staff at the airport.

It has been developed over the years and now includes:

  • Training center for aircraft, passenger and cargo handling at an airport,
  • Training center for personnel responsible for the inspection of the regularity of the movement areas, building and installations at aerodromes,
  • Dangerous goods training center,
  • Training center for rescue and firefighting personnel,
  • Training center for aircraft fuelling staff.

In order to conduct successful training, Training Center has adequate classrooms, equipped with modern tools and materials.
Manuals and scripts used during the training are made by a team of instructors from various areas of air transport.

Trainings are based on specialized and effective syllabuses, while licensed instructors are in charge for theoretical and practical training.

Training Center activities, syllabuses and training staff licenses are approved and monitored and inspected by the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia.

Training certificates issued by the Training Centre are recognized and accepted at other airports as well.

For more information about the Training Centre please contact Pricelist of Training Center services can be obtained here.

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