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Vehicle Access

Dear Sir / Madam,

For security reasons, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport started with restrictive policy when issuing passes for access of vehicles to international arrivals area.

Each access of the vehicle into the international arrivals area should be announced by written request on a company’s memo which should include data about registration of the vehicle and required entries into the zone, as well as telephone number of contact person.
The request is to be delivered on weekdays at least 24 hours earlier, while for the passing of the vehicle on weekends the request should be delivered by Friday to 13.30, and for passing the vehicle during holidays the request should be submitted until 13.30 hours before the holiday.
The letter with above information should be submitted to the e-mail with in the Cc of the message.

Working hours of the service where you can submitt international arrivals area vehicle access announcement during working days are from 07:00 to 15:00 hours.

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