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Transport of live animals

Handling of live animals at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is consigned under the conditions and standards of the International Air Transport Association IATA (Live Animals Regulations). Every air carrier closer regulates and specifies the conditions and restrictions for the transportation of live animals.

Admission, dispatch and transportation of live animals are implemented in commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Non-commercial handling of animals, appllying to live animals - pets traveling with their owners or other responsible person authorized by the owner of the pet is performed through the passenger terminal of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Commercial handling of live animals is carried out at cargo terminal (cargo center) of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Cargo center within Cargo Warehouse has a separate room with the conditions for accommodation of live animals.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport associates importing or exporting live animals should select the appropriate air carrier and authorize a shipper for commercial transport purposes in order to carry out customs procedures.

In the international transport of live animals a certificate of republic veterinary inspector is mandatory.

In accordance with applicable rules on vaccination, live animals (pets) under the age of 7 months are not eligible for transportation into certain states. Details on the rules and regulations for non-commercial and commercial transport of live animals can be found on the website of the Veterinary Administration.

In the international transport of animals is necessary to check the conditions and limitations on the entry (import) of live animals at the embassy of the state of entry (imports). The conditions and restrictions are checked for transit states also.

Additional information regarding conditions on animal transportation by air are available at chosen airline, competent Directory of veterinary science at Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management of Republic of Serbia and Diplomatic and consular department of the state of destination.

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