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Relax areas

At the upper level of Terminal 1

In addition to the two existing comfort zones in the transit area, on the upper level of Terminal 1, a new comfort zone is placed, which is located next to the room intended for parents' stay with children, prior to passport and customs control.

In this zone, comfortable seating sets are set up, which now provide a new experience of our largest airport.

The ambience is enriched with greenery, photographs of Belgrade, and the walls are embellished with photo-wallpapers with motifs of nature.


At the transit area

In order to increase our passenger comfort new chairs for relaxation are placed in the transit area next to the waiting rooms A2-A3, A4-A5 and C2-C3. Passengers, especially those who spend a bit more time at the airport waiting for their transfer flight, can now rest and enjoy the view of planes. In the relax areas large semicircular benches for 20 passengers are installed, as well as upholstered footstools with different configurations.

For the further enjoyment of our passengers while waiting for their flight, massage chairs are installed in relax areas. 4 massage chairs are placed next to the gate A4-A5 and 4 between the gate C2-C3. Information on the price list are placed on each chair.
For our passengers even greater comfort while waiting for their flight, new comfortable seats and benches are installed in the entire transit area and gates. Benches are actually suites with three comfortable seats, with specially designed benches for passengers with reduced mobility, as well as new mobile phone chargers.

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