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Liquids in Hand Luggage

Security Measures Concerning Transport of Liquids in Hand Luggage

Hand, cabin or carry-on luggage is the luggage you are taking with you on board an aircraft.

According to the applicable rules liquids, gels and aerosols can be transported in hand luggage if packed in the zipped 20 x 20cm transparent plastic bag. Each passenger can bring one zipped transparent plastic bag. Maximum capacity per item carried in zipped transparent plastic bag is 100ml with total volume of 1000ml liquid allowed per passenger.

Additional information regarding transport of liquids in the hand luggage limitations can be provided in the brochures below.


It is not allowed to hold sharp metal items, blunt instruments in hold baggage. Additionally guns, firearms, weapons, ammunition, flammable, chemical or toxic substances are prohibited from both hold and hand luggage.

Please comply with above mentioned limitations along with limitations concerning transport of items prohibited in hand and/or hold luggage.

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