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Goods“SPARE PARTS FOR TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT” No.82/201607.03.2017. 00:00h07.04.2017. 10:00hOpen
GoodsPURCHASE OF NEW SEATING SETS FOR TERMINAL FACILITY No 32/201616.12.2016. 00:00h31.01.2017. 12:00hOpen
ServicesSERVICE OF VIRTUAL DATA ROOM 150/16 PPLV16.12.2016. 00:00h30.12.2016. 10:00hOpen
GoodsPROFESSIONAL LITERATURE No 97/1616.11.2016. 00:00h29.11.2016. 12:00hClosed
GoodsGROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT, PER LOTS” NO 35/201623.09.2016. 00:00h08.11.2016. 12:00hClosed
GoodsUREA, AIRCRAFT AND RUNWAY DE/ANTI-ICING LIQUID No 34/201621.09.2016. 00:00h24.10.2016. 12:00hOpen
ServicesINFORMATION SYSTEM FOR PASSENGER AND BAGGAGE REGISTRATION - DCS No. 37/201615.09.2016. 00:00h07.10.2016. 10:00hClosed
GoodsAIRCRAFT TOILET DISINFECTANT No. 73/16 PPLV18.07.2016. 00:00h27.07.2016. 10:00hClosed
GoodsAIRCRAFT TOILET DISINFECTANT NO. 40/1610.06.2016. 00:00h28.06.2016. 11:00hClosed
ServicesINFORMATION SYSTEM FOR PASSENGER AND BAGGAGE REGISTRATION - DCS 6/201606.04.2016. 00:00h27.04.2016. 11:00hClosed
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