Useful tips


For security reasons or in case of lost luggage it is useful to mark you luggage with sticker containing your personal and contact details (name, surname, contact telephone and address). Customize the look of your bag to make it easy to identify.

Packing your Baggage

For security reasons, we advise you to always keep your luggage on your own. Wrap any items containing liquids in separate, sealed plastic bags, so that the contents cannot spill over your other belongings should the glass break. Please find more information regarding transport of fragile items at designated airline.

Special Baggage

Airlines under special terms usually allow transport of fragile and valuable items. Since transport of some of these items is a subject to prior airline approval please inform your airline if transporting special or bulky baggage when booking your flight. All information regarding special and bulky baggage transport possibilities and charges at selected airline.

During your stay at the Airport 

  • Lock, label and / or tag your baggage indicating name and address;
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended until you hand it over at check-in counter;
  • Take care of your carry-on baggage at any moment.
  • Do not hand over someone else's baggage as your own as it may contains items which could expose you to danger or legal responsibility.

Air pressure