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ACI course

Airport Council International, with Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport as a proud member, is an international organization aiming continuously to improve, upgrade and to encourage cooperation between member airports to maintain and continuously improve the air traffic safety without affecting the efficiency and regularity of air traffic.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is proud to co-host this year's Accident and Incident Investigation course that will be organized in Belgrade from 10-12 April, 2018.

This course introduces industry best practices for Accident and Incident Investigation at airports. Participants will discover and discuss key concepts and issues such as the impact of human factors on increasing incidents and accidents in aviation. Through this process, participants will become able to establish mitigation measures at their own airports to reduce incidents and accidents.

Accident and Incident Investigation course is open to all interested industry parties and lasts three (3) working days. All airport staff and civil aviation authorities from around the world can apply for the course.

For more information about the course and possibilities for applying and payment, please visit Airport Council International.

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