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Flight Information


Important: Please note the remarks explanation
Flight status Flight number Departing airport Scheduled Estimated Gate Aircraft type Remark
  LX 1416
SQ 2906
Zurich 14:00 14:50   Airbus A320  Expected   at 14:50
  OS 773
Vienna 14:10 14:15   Airbus A319  Landed  at 14:22
  W6 4022
Malta 14:55 15:00   Airbus A320  Expected  
  JU 173
AZ 3556
SU 3773
YM 4104
Podgorica 16:00 16:00   Airbus A319  On time 
  JU 113
SU 3759
AZ 2474
EY 6035
Sarajevo 16:00 16:00   Airbus A319  On time 
  JU 123
FB 1819
YM 4171
EY 5994
Sofia 16:10 16:10   ATR 72  On time 
  JU 163
YM 4125
SU 3765
AZ 2475
Skopje 16:15 16:15   ATR 72  On time 
  JU 643
EY 5985
YM 4175
AZ 3654
Bucharest 16:15 16:15   Airbus A319  On time 
  LO 573
Warsaw 16:20 16:20   Embraer 175  On time 
  LH 1728
SK 3128
Munich 16:20 16:20   Bombardier CRJ900  On time 


Important: Please note the remarks explanation
Flight status Flight number Arrival airport Scheduled Estimated Gate Aircraft type Remark
  LH 1723
SK 3127
AC 9481
Munich 13:15 14:20 A5  Embraer 195  Taxiing 
  JU 162
YM 4124
SU 3764
HU 8119
Skopje 13:25 14:15 C7  ATR 72  Airborne  at 14:35
  LH 1407
AC 9437
SK 3123
UA 9581
Frankfurt 13:35 14:10 A3  Airbus A319  Boarding 
  LO 572
Warsaw 14:05 14:20 A6  Embraer 175  Airborne  at 14:41
  A3 977
JU 8220
Athens 14:25 14:32 A2  Airbus A320  Taxiing 
  LX 1417
Zurich 14:55 15:30 C2  Airbus A320  Gate open 
  OS 774
Vienna 15:10 15:10 C1  Airbus A319  Boarding 
  W6 4051
Basel Mulhouse 15:40 15:40 A5  Airbus A320  Gate open 
  LO 574
Warsaw 16:55 16:55 A2  Embraer 175  On time 
  LH 1729
SK 3129
Munich 17:00 17:00 A3  Bombardier CRJ900  On time 

Remarks explanation

Departed Remarks that the plane is airborne.
Landed Remarks that by parking the flight has ended journey.
On Time Remarks that there are no changes in scheduled timetable.
Check-in open Remarks that the passenger check-in is in progress.
New gate Remarks that the gathering of passengers will be at the designated gate instead of the planned gate.
Gate open Remarks gathering of the passengers in the waiting area prior boarding.
Last call Remarks the last call for passenger gathering at the gate.
Gate closed Remarks that the entry of passengers in the gate is no longer possible.
Boarding Remarks embarking of the passengers from the gate into the aircraft.
Expected Remarks the estimated time of departure or arrival of the flight.
On apron Remarks that the journey has started and that the aircraft is located at the apron with preparations for take-off in progress.
Delayed Remarks that the flight is delayed in departure or arrival.
Approach Remarks that the flight is approaching to land.
Holding Remarks that the flight landing has been delayed and will be accomplished upon meeting necessary conditions.
Diverted Remarks that the journey, at least currently, will not end at designated arrival airport but the flight has been diverted to alternative airport. Information about the airport, that the flight has been diverted to, can be provided at Flight information desk or at designated airline.
Cancelled Remarks that the flight that will not be realized. Please contact your airline.

All times shown are local times of actual arrivals and departures from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. The information is automatically updated on every 3 minutes and is for informative purpose only. In case technical issues prevent timetable from being updated for flight status please contact our Flight information desk.

The carriers reserve the right to change their flight schedules at any time for which Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport cannot be held responsible. We kindly ask the passengers to always address such matters to the carrier's office or travel agency.

Displayed timetable contains only information on scheduled and charter flights for the observed day. The information on the flights performed prior the observed day or scheduled for the day after the observed day can be provided by using the section automatically displaying date Today.

For the information about the flights exceeding the above mentioned period please use section Seasonal timetable. The seasonal timetable contains information on all scheduled flights to and from Belgrade unless otherwise stated.