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Airport check-in

General information

Upon arrival at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport you can check-in at the counter marked with select airlines' name and logo. Information on scheduled flight check-in counters for your flight is available on flight information monitors.

Check-in counters schedule is as follows:
* Counters from 101 to 311 are located in Terminal 2
* Counters from 401 to 410 are located in Terminal zone 2B
* Counters from 501 to 608 are located in Terminal 1.
You can also find information about check-in counters planned for your flight at the Information desk located at Terminal 2.

To check-in for the flight please present your airline paper or e-ticket and ID document along with the baggage you wish to hand over.

Оpening of check-in counters:

  • For international flights to Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, New York, Tel Aviv and Beijing check-in counters open 180 minutes prior to scheduled departure time;
  • For оther international flights, check-in counters open 120 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

The exact time of closing of check-in counters can be obtained at selected airline.

Upon completed check-in you will be issued boarding pass and you can proceed to the gate indicated.

For your safety, each boarding pass is checked again prior to boarding an aircraft. Each passenger boarding an aircraft must have a boarding pass and personal ID with him, irrelevant of age.


Check-in counters

Sample of boarding pass issued at check-in counter

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