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Mobile check-in

General information

Mobile check-in procedure is simple. You should connect to internet with mobile phone and at selected airlines’ website search for application or special section for web check-in (or mobile check-in).

To start check-in enter your name, last name and booking number or e-ticket number while some carriers offer check-in via frequent flyer program membership number. Then simply select your seat.

After check-in is completed you will get your mobile boarding pass.

Mobile boarding pass is an e-boarding pass (SMS or MMS message) displayed as two-dimensional or QR code. It contains all information as boarding pass issued at the counter: passenger name and last name, destination, seat and identification number.

Mobile check-in is available for passengers of almost all carriers. Detailed information on mobile check-in service can be provided at selected airline.

For your safety, each boarding pass is checked again prior to boarding an aircraft. Each passenger boarding an aircraft must have a boarding pass and personal ID with him, irrelevant of age.

Mobile boarding pass samples


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