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Reduced Mobility

If you are passenger with reduced mobility or you require special assistance, please inform your airline or travel agent when booking your flight on what kind of assistance you need so as to ensure you receive the right help and support at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and make your trip as comfortable and convenient as possible.

When you arrive at Belgrade Airport, please contact your airline’s check-in counter or Information desk and inform the staff of any restrictions you may have. This will ensure that your personal needs are taken into account during your sojourn at the Airport and your trip.

Our personnel will welcome you and provide you with any assistance you need with airport procedures, until you have boarded the aircraft or upon your arrival, also in case Belgrade is your transfer airport. This service escorts you from the departure area to the aircraft, from the aircraft to the arrival area or, if you are changing planes in Belgrade, from aircraft to aircraft.

The assistance is available for the passengers using own wheelchair while for passengers with mobility restrictions wheelchair service is also provided.The assistance is also available for visually- or hearing-impaired passengers that may be escorted by specially trained dogs which must be on a leash and wear a muzzle. The dog owner must hold all relevant travel documents.

Airport infrastructure is wheelchair-friendly with all special facilities in the passenger terminal identifiable by the international wheelchair symbol.

When reduced mobility passenger boards or disembarks the aircraft it is necessary to leave your wheelchair. In such cases you will be helped into a special transport wheelchair that fits the narrow aisle inside the aircraft. Your wheelchair will be transported in the cargo hold and will be at your disposal right upon arrival at destination airport. Transport of wheelchair with battery drive is permitted with carrier’s approval and under special conditions for air transport of Dangerous Goods depending on battery type. Additional information is available at selected carrier.

Stretcher and some reduced mobility passengers will be boarded and/or disembarked from an aircraft with special ambulift vehicle.

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