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Security control

Prepare yourself for the security screening

Security screening is performed at the gate entrance, prior boarding an aircraft.

To speed up the security screening process, we kindly invite you to already make the following preparations:

remove all metal objects, keys, coins, cell phones and place all these items in the plastic tray, as well as your coat or jacket. Remove your laptop from its travel case for separate screening.

During security screening you will pass through metal detector while your luggage and outerwear will be x-rayed.

If you have a metal implant, during manual counter-diversion control at the gate entrance staff will require you to show medical documentation otherwise you will not be permitted to enter the gate nor your flight. If metal object is used for prosthetic purposes, passenger check will be carried out in a separate dedicated cabins at the gate entrance.

If you have a heart pacemaker or some other reason why passing through metal detector may cause health problems please inform security staff before passing through the metal detector.

Please comply with limitations on transport of liquids in hand luggage. In hand luggage liquids, gels and aerosols can be transported if packed in the transparent plastic bag with maximum capacity of 100 ml per item and total allowed volume of 1000 ml liquid per passenger.

Additionally, please comply with limitations on transport of items prohibited in hand and/or hold luggage.

Strictly follow the instructions of the security staff.

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