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Transfer Passengers

Passengers stopping-over in Belgrade

When checking-in at departing airport passengers stopping-over at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport should make an enquire at designated airline whether it is necessary or not to re-check their ticket and luggage at transferring airport. If it is necessary to re-check ticket and luggage upon arrival at Belgrade Airport passengers should contacttransfer check-in counter, located between gates A1 and C1/2.

Prior departure please enquire if during changing planes in Belgrade your you needtransit visa. Information regarding entering Serbia between two flights depend on cooperation between country-passport issuer and Republic of Serbia. Further information regarding documents necessary for your travel can be provided here.

If you are passenger with reduced mobility or you require special assistance, please inform your airline or travel agent when booking your flight on what kind of assistance you need so as to ensure you receive the right help and support at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and make your trip as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Our personnel will welcome you and provide you with any assistance you need with airport procedures, until you have boarded the aircraft or upon your arrival, also in case Belgrade is your transfer airport. This service escorts you from the departure area to the aircraft, from the aircraft to the arrival area or, if you are changing planes in Belgrade, from aircraft to aircraft.
Further information regarding passengers with reduced mobility travel procedures can be provided here.

If upon arrival at Belgrade Airport it is not necessary to re-check ticket and luggage passenger should track the designated flight at monitors with flight timetable. In the meantime passengers can enjoy and relax using number of additional services. More information about additional services can be obtained in sections Restaurants, Bars and Shops.

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