What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a simple and efficient way of automatic retrieval of information from web locations you are interested in. Generally speaking, what you need is an RSS Reader application, and then you have to choose the RSS channels that you wish to receive. This way you will instantly be notified of the changes on the web sites you frequently visit. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport now offers latest news and arrivals and departures time table through the RSS channel.

You can use Firefox or Internet Explorer browser to read RSS feeds or Microsoft Outlook. If you don't have Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can download it from or After selecting the service, you have to create a free account, then click on the icon of RSS in your browser and add the RSS channel into your browser's bookmark. We recommended using Internet Explorer 7.0+.

If you are using another program for receiving RSS, follow the instructions in your RSS Reader and add the channels which we offer:

News           /rss/news.php
Вести          /rss/news.php
Vesti            /rss/news.php
Arrivals        /rss/time_table_arrivals.php
Dolasci         /rss/time_table_arrivals.php
Departures   /rss/time_table_departures.php
Odlasci         /rss/time_table_departures.php


Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 175 PODGORICA 21:45 21:45  
JU 625 BUDAPEST 21:50 21:50  
JU 331 FRANKFURT 22:00 21:50 New time 
JU 605 VIENNA 22:10 22:10  
JU 345 STUTTGART 22:30 22:30  
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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
YM 103 PODGORICA 20:00 20:09 Airborne 
JU 534 ROME 20:20 20:20  
TK 1084 ISTANBUL 20:20 20:22 Airborne 
NMA 5381 HURGHADA 20:30 20:28 Airborne 
TU 227 TUNIS 20:30 20:30  
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Airport weather

Temp Pressure Wind
7°C 1016mB 3.09m/s