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Lepo je cuti da jos uvek postoji neka drzavna kompanija koja posluje dobro... nadam se da ce u skorije vreme doci i velikani poput Delta, American Airlines itd sa direktnim letovima za USA.



finally again being able to fly Olympic airways is something special as I used them on my way out from Serbia in 1998. they have an excellent service and their staff is also excellent. olympic airways all the way



Arodrom "nikola Tesla" je jedan od boljih aerodroma u Evropi. Mislim da imate vrlo ljubazne službenika, koji imaju poštovanje putnika. Pozdrav za sve zaposlene!

Mijaljević Ružica


sve pohvale, da li imate u planu letove za nurnberg



konacno!!!!nadam se da ovo nece biti privremeno.



Aerodrom je super, svi se zaista trude da vam pomognu od osoblja. Sto se tice low cost kompanija drago mi je jer sada,za manje pare mozemo da putujemo po evropi.

Rodney Marinkovic


Good luck to Danish airlineCimberSterling

Natalija Nette


cestitam vam ns dobrim saglasnostima prvo a drugo je dobro sto ce nasi ljudi mozda moci da prijuste sebi putovanja za jeftine letove a trece sto ce njih dosta radom omoguciti dobar razvoj kompanijama srecno

Daniela Stojkovic-Louwe


I would encourage more lowcost airlines to open routes from and to Belgrade. Not only, are the Serbian citizens able to profit from low cost carrier flights, but mostly to travel and explore the world. In Holland, where I have been born and raised, it is common for students after they graduate High school and college to go abroad and to travel and to learn about other cultures, nations and habits. I am really pleased to hear that these opportunities are being created for those citizens in Serbia. The time has come to leave the past behind us en not to focus any longer on what has been, but on to what can be done! There is so much potential in Serbia and I am pleased that Wizz Air opens the way... I hope more airlines will follow this example, because not only the Serbian citizens and economy, but also the airlinescompany will have benefit from this. Wizz has found a new custumer in me and my family to travel from Holland to Serbia.

Graham Peacock


Would LOVE IT if Wizz or some other "Low Cost" Airline would fly to Bg from Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds/Bradford, UK.

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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 167 SKOPJE 05:35 05:28 Landed 
JU 133 VARNA 05:40 05:21 Landed 
JU 517 ATHENS 05:40 05:38 Landed 
EY 71 ABU DHABI 05:45 06:16 Landed 
JU 507 LARNACA 05:45 05:41 Landed 
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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
WZZ 4201 STOCKHOLM NYO 06:00 06:11 Airborne 
LH 1411 FRANKFURT 06:15 06:15 Boarding 
JU 360 AMSTERDAM 06:30 06:30 Boarding 
LH 1725 MUNICH 06:30 06:30 Gate open 
SM 388 HURGHADA 06:30 06:30 Boarding 
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19°C 1012mB 2.06m/s