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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 173 PODGORICA 16:15 17:38 Landed 
JU 643 BUCHAREST 16:30 17:17 Landed 
JU 381 LONDON HEATHROW 17:10 17:10 Landed 
JU 513 ATHENS 17:15 17:43 Landed 
OU 336 SPLIT 17:20 17:23 Landed 
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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
LO 574 WARSAW 17:00 17:41 Airborne 
JU 330 FRANKFURT 17:05 17:40 Boarding 
JU 314 PARIS 17:10 17:45 Airborne 
JU 304 BRUSSELS 17:15 17:40 Boarding 
WZZ 4001 LONDON LUTON 17:25 17:33 Airborne 
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Airport weather

Temp Pressure Wind
25°C 1010mB 2.57m/s