2006 News Archive

Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport operates again in the Category II regime

Belgrade, 30.12.2006.

Until procedure for introduction of Category IIIb is completed,  Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport reintroduces Category II which will enable landing and take off in reduced visibility conditions.

Winter maintenance service of Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport

Belgrade, 19.12.2006.

Due to winter precipitations, Winter maintenance service of Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport has performed detailed cleaning of the runway, connections and taxiway twice in periods from 1:00 pm till do 1:40 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. till 4:00 p.m.

Gradual normalization of traffic on Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport

Belgrade, 17.12.2006.

Due to weather conditions improvement, the air traffic on Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport has gradually been normalized.

Decorated Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport!

Belgrade, 07.12.2006.

In spirit of the following New Year's and Christmas Holidays, Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport is ceremonially illuminated and decorated from the access road to the terminal entrance, as well as inside the terminal.

The highest score for Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport

Belgrade, 05.12.2006.

The Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport has been given the highest score by European Common Aviation Area (ECAA)! According to ECAA report, Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport is the leading international airport in Serbia fulfilling all technical and other conditions prescribed by this ...

New uniforms of PC Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport

Belgrade, 30.11.2006.

All employees on the PC Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport have got new uniforms! New recognizable, light blue uniforms of the employees of the PC Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport will enable passengers to make the difference between the airport’s and airlines’ staff.

Normalized Traffic on the Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport

Belgrade, 29.11.2006.

Starting from 11 a.m. air traffic is normalized on the Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport and aircraft take off and land according to regular flight schedule.

Changes in Flight Schedule at the Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport

Belgrade, 26.11.2006.

Due to reduced visibility at the Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport, and for the safety of all participants in air traffic, there are some changes in the flight schedule.

Trend of successful operation at the Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport continues!

Belgrade, 23.11.2006.

In the first 10 months of 2006 JP Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport recorded increase of aircraft volume by 16 %, goods by 4 %, and number of carried passengers is higher by 10 % compared to the same period last year.

Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport received its two millionth passenger!

Belgrade, 14.11.2006.

JP Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport has welcomed its two millionth passenger this year!

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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 527 THESSALONIKI 05:30 05:30  
EY 71 ABU DHABI 05:45 05:45  
JU 657 MOSCOW 06:20 06:20  
JA 376 SARAJEVO 06:45 06:45  
OS 771 VIENNA 07:30 07:30  
 Click on the call sign for flight details All arrivals


Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 800 ABU DHABI 23:55 00:04 Airborne 
JU 526 THESSALONIKI 00:20 00:23 Airborne 
SU 2093 MOSCOW 00:50 00:50 Boarding 
WZZ 4091 DORTMUND 05:20 05:20  
JU 360 AMSTERDAM 06:30 06:30  
 Click on the call sign for flight details All departures

Airport weather

Temp Pressure Wind
12°C 1015mB 1.54m/s