Filming at the Airport

Dear Colleagues

In order to continue with good cooperation in future too and make it as efficient as possible, we kindly ask you to have in mind that Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is a border crossing area, which understands certain limitations in taking photographs and movement of airport visitors.

Before each arrival media representatives should announce their arrival in due time by fax which is to contain following data on company letterhead:
  • company you are coming from
  • reason, location and foreseen time of shooting (date and hour)
  • names of all team members with identity card numbers
  • contact telephone of editorial office

Letter with above information should be submitted to Director General of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Saša Vlaisavljević, BScTE to fax No: (+381 11) 2286 187. After 17:00 hours on working days and on weekdays letters should be submitted to fax No (+381 11) 2286 173.

If during the visit, stay in border crossing area is required, in addition to approval by competent department from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the approval from Republic of Serbia Ministry of Interior Media Cooperation Bureau is also necessary. To each member of team police station in charge issues special daily permit for stay in border crossing area (form ). Neatly filled in form along with identity card photocopy should be submitted in original to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Public Relations managers.

Price per single permit is 770,00 RSD while the fee for the licence form is 2,00 RSD. Please bear in mind that official border crossing name is Surcin-Beograd.

Please be informed that security might not allow taking photographs or filming without a valid notification.

Should you take photographs or film airline property or staff you must first obtain airline permission.

In case the shooting at airport is not of informative character, against adhering to above instructions, there is also obligation to contact Commercial Department regarding information about filming fees to phone No. (+381 11) 209 4840.

Should you need any additional clarification regarding informative filming procedure please contact Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Public relations managers.

We hope that by complying to prescribed procedures, we shall manage to overcome possible misunderstandings and have even more successful cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport JSC


Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
LH 1410 FRANKFURT 23:50 00:02 Landed 
OS 771 VIENNA 07:30 07:31 Landed 
TK 1081 ISTANBUL 08:05 08:00  
YM 100 PODGORICA 08:10 08:09 New time 
JU 5415 CORFU 08:10 08:15 New time 
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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 320 DUSSELDORF 06:40 07:45 New time 
JU 630 WARSAW 07:15 07:16 Airborne 
JU 370 ZURICH 07:20 07:30 Airborne 
JU 810 TEL AVIV 07:40 07:40  
JU 620 BUDAPEST 07:45 07:45  
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Airport weather

Temp Pressure Wind
16°C 1020mB 4.12m/s