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Winter Timetable at Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport Starts on 26 October 2008

Belgrade, 17.10.2008.

Winter timetable at Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport starts with Sunday, 26 October 2008 and will be in application next 5 months, with 28 March 2009 conclusive.

Winter timetable at Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport starts with Sunday, 26 October 2008 and will be in application next 5 months, with 28 March 2009 conclusive.

Timetable data are in compliance with information received from aircarriers with 16 October 2008, and aircarriers reserve the right to make amendments during the season. Comparisons are given referring to winter timetable for the season 2007/2008.

Characteristics of the new timetable of the national aircarrier "Jat Airways" are increase and extension of regional traffic, but also reduction of the number of destinations in general. For example, "Jat Airways" will maintain busy traffic with Montenegro (flights three times daily to Podgorica and twice daily to Tivat), it will fly once a day to Skopje, Dusseldorf is represented with five flights per week, Trieste with four flights per week, and new destination are Milan (three times weekly) and Thessalonika (two times per week). In the coming period "Jat Airways" will not fly to Getebourg, Munich, Prague, Tirana, Malta and Tripoli. In scheduled traffic, "Jat Airways" plans total of 161 return flights per week, which is at the level of realization of the last season.

From our airport this winter 17 foreign airlines will have their service, with total of 157 planned return flights weekly, which is an increase by more than 10% compared to last year. Increased use of Belgrade airport in the conditions of the large crysis in civil air traffic in Europe and the world, caused first of all by drastic increase of the price of aviation fuel, is encouraging for sure.

The highest air traffic volume will be of German "Lufthansa" and Montenegrian "Montenegro Airlines" which will daily have five flights each (three to Munich and two to Frankfurt, and tree flights to Podgorica and two to Tivat respectively). News compared to the last winter is that "Alitalia" will have one daily flight each to Rome and Milan, "Swiss" will fly on Saturdays and Sundays to Basel, "Czech Airlines" will fly daily to Prague (in code-share with "Jat Airways"), "Turkish Airlines" increases number of weekly flights to Istanbul from three to five, and "Lufthansa" will cease to fly to Dusseldorf (where "Jat Airways" flies four times a week).

It is interesting to indicate that "Swiss" due to exceptionally high occupancy of aircraft in the last period, will introduce large Airbus A-321 with almost 200 seats on its daily flight to Zurich.

Estimate of the management of Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport is that in next five months of the winter timetable realization of the total volume of passengers will be around 865.000, which is an increase of app. 5% compared to the previous season when app. 824.000 passengers used services of the Belgrade Airport.

Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport

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