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Wizz Air opens its base in Belgrade and introduces 5 new destinations


Wizz Air, the biggest low-cost company of Central and East Europe, announced introduction of its new, 13th base totally in Belgrade, for April 2011.
New aircraft of this company-Airbus A320 will be stationed at Belgrade airport.

At the same time, Wizz Air introduces 5 new routes from Belgrade to Rome-Fiumicino, Malmo, Stockholm-Skavsta, Eindhoven and Munich-Memmingen, alongside with the current flights to London and Dortmund.

New flights Frequency First flight
Rome (FCO) 3 times a week December 15, 2010
Malmo (MMX) twice a week December 15, 2010
Stockholm (NYO) twice a week April 3, 2011
Eindhoven (EIN) twice a week April 1, 2011
Munich (FMM) twice a week April 3, 2011

In the context of expanded business scope of Wizz Air in Serbia, Director General of Belgrade Airport Velimir Radosavljevic, PhD says: "Low-cost companies are those of great relevance for us as they provide secure, quality and cheap transportation for all citizens. Ticket prices are appropriate for house allowance of the average Serbian family.
Basic preference of Wizz Air, regarding Belgrade Airport, is tracing the route for similar companies and it gives a signal that Airport “Nikola Tesla” and Serbia are the right choice.

Belgrade Airport has an exceptional potential as it covers an area with great number of inhabitants and has technical equipment that meets highest standards.

However, we can estimate that the passengers will be able to use our capacities only through mass offer of low-cost flights. Unfortunately, we must observe that purchasing power of our citizens is low. Those who has not travelled by plane or who used other traffic means, will chose to fly only if air traffic is twice or three times cheaper.”

General Director of Wizz Air József Váradi said: “The lowest total ticket price for single flight, taxes included, amounts 24.99 EUR. Further business promotion at Serbian market means that we will employ hundreds of people, but also Serbian tourism economy income will increase.”

Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport

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