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Baggage Hand Over Procedure

Hold or checked baggage is the baggage you are handing over for transport at the airport check-in counter. Hold baggage is transported in the aircraft cargo hold or compartment and is not available during the flight.

If you're checking-in for your flight at the airport you will hand over hold baggage at the check-in counter of designated airline.
If you're checking-in for your flight online, with mobile or at self-service check-in kiosks you will hand over your hold baggage at the indicated baggage drop off counter. During check-in you will be given a receipt (sticker) for checked baggage.

Most of the carriers provide free of charge hold baggage transport whilst some carriers charge separately every baggage except hand luggage.

On the flights of the carriers providing checked baggage transport free of charge allowance varies depending on the carrier, destination and travel class.

Most of the carriers apply "piece concept" meaning that baggage allowances which are not subject to an additional charge are up to 2 pieces of baggage weighting up to 32kg each for business class passengers and single baggage item weighting up to 20 or 23kg for economy class passengers.

For the details on hold baggage policy, allowances and total amount of hold baggage please ask your airline when booking your flight or upon arrival to the airport at the designated airlines' office.

For your security certain items are not allowed to be carried in your baggage.

Excess Baggage

If your baggage exceeds declared allowances or amount excess baggage is a subject to extra charge. The fees for excess baggage is determined separately by carriers. Please find details regarding applicable tariffs on excess baggage at selected airline.

Special and Bulky Baggage

Airlines under special terms usually allow transport of sports equipment, music instruments, pets, fragile, valuable or bulky items. Since transport of some of these items is a subject to prior airline approval please inform your airline if transporting special or bulky baggage when booking your flight.

Bulky baggage is checked-in at the airport check-in counters and handed over at separate counter, location of which can be found here.

All information regarding special and bulky baggage transport possibilities and charges at selected airline.

Useful Tips


For security reasons or in case of lost luggage it is useful to mark you luggage with sticker containing your personal and contact details (name, surname, contact telephone and address).

Fragile items

We advise you to make sure that your luggage is safely packed. Wrap any items containing liquids in separate, sealed plastic bags, so that the contents cannot spill over your other belongings should the glass break. Please find more information regarding transport of fragile items at designated airline.

During your stay at the Airport

  • Do not leave your baggage, locked, labeled or tagged with name and address indicated, unattended, until you hand it over at check-in counter.
  • We advice you always to take care of your carry-on baggage.
  • Do not hand over someone else’s baggage as your own, as it may contain items which could expose you to danger or legal responsibility.
  • Carriers advise to take your valuables at your hand (carry-on) luggage.

Informative movie about allowed/not allowed items in hold and hand luggage


Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
TK 1081 ISTANBUL 08:05 07:56 Landed 
YM 100 PODGORICA 08:10 08:09  
RO 211 BUCHAREST 08:45 08:25  
YM 200 TIVAT 09:00 09:00  
JU 171 PODGORICA 09:40 09:40  
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Call sign Airport Scheduled Expected Remark
JU 826 BEIRUT 23:40 00:10 Airborne 
JU 656 MOSCOW 23:40 00:15 Airborne 
JU 800 ABU DHABI 23:55 00:04 Airborne 
JU 370 ZURICH 07:20 07:45 Boarding 
JU 190 LJUBLJANA 07:35 08:40 Gate open 
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