Environment and social

VINCI Airports has defined a global and ambitious environmental policy and targets for all its airports, in the knowledge that such an approach is essential for long-term sustainability and competitiveness. In the context of VINCI Airports environmental and social policy and the local circumstances BELGRADE AIRPORT has established Environmental and social policy and Occupational health and safety policy, and management system, to manage relevant aspects at the airport and to ensure its own and the corporate policies and strategies execution.


Stakeholder Engagement Plan for the Belgrade Airport Operation and Development Project​



Environmental and social policy


Occupational health and safety  policy


Significant part of the ongoing reconstruction and modernization project at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport are environmental and social enhancements, the major one among other being construction of:


• New heating plant

• Waste management facility - land side

• Waste management facility - air side

• Photovoltaic plant

• Wastewater treatment facility


BELGRADE AIRPORT has performed Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and summary of its results and mitigation measures are given in the following document:


Environmental and social impact assessment - non-technical resume



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