Airport Lounges

Our lounges are functional, luxurious and technically equipped according to international standards.


VIP Lounge


The VIP Lounge is entered from the public area and directly from the apron, so it functions as a separate and independent element. Passport and customs control and baggage control are located at the very entrance into the lounge.


The VIP Lounge’s 500 m² area is divided into three units that can be joined or separated, as needed. The first unit is intended for press conferences and media representatives meetings. The second unit is for rest and meetings, and the third unit includes a presidential suite with a conference room.


A waiting room for the press is a completely separated and independent VIP Lounge unit with TV screen, enabling the press to follow the events in the conference room.


Belgrade Lounge


The Belgrade Lounge is located in the connecting part between passenger terminals and divided into two areas. The first area with 60 seats is fully tailored for press conferences, as well as presentations, lectures and seminars.

The second area, which has 25 seats, is intended for seminars, round tables and meetings. The Belgrade Lounge is equipped with video and audio facilities.


Business Lounge


The Business Lounge is located in the transit area between Gates A4 and A5. It can be used by passengers who have been issued an invitation during the check-in process, namely:

  • business class passengers with priority use of the fast lane at access control;
  • economy class passengers with cards of appropriate level;
  • guests of passengers in select classes;
  • delegations and protocols with mandatory previous notice to the Protocol Service;
  • holders of Priority Pass, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum and TAV cards.


Business Lounge access depends on the rules applied by airlines, which are regularly updated. Please contact your airline company to find out more about Business Lounge access.


The Business Lounge has 50 seats, and users have access to an unlimited self-service food and drinks buffet, free internet, TV and copier, as well as a slew of local and international newspapers and magazines.

Business Lounge opening hours: 6 AM to 10 PM.

Contact email for delegations and protocols notice: [email protected]


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